4 Tips for Teaching Children How to Knit

We all know that knitting has a lot of amazing health benefits. It strengthens the memory, it improves the eye to hand coordination, it improves coordination and much more. As such, knitting can make for a very healthy and educational activity for children. However, you may find it hard to take your child away from the smartphone and get them to focus on a knitting project. Well, if that is the case, we have some tips that can help:

1. Choose fun knitting projects

No kid is ever going to enjoy knitting a boring sweater or a blanket. However, things might be different if you provide them with patterns that match their interests. For example, little girls are obsessed with Wonder Woman nowadays. You can find a lot of patterns online for fun Wonder Woman knitted garments accessories, like the sweater from the above picture. You can also find patterns for Wonder Woman gloves, as well as patterns for other popular characters and children’s themes.

2. Consider a knitting machine

OK, we know that the point is to get the children to knit, but if that doesn’t work from the start, the knitting machine can help with cultivating the love for the knitting craft in young children. Once they see how beautiful knitted garments want, they will want more sophisticated garments that the machine can’t handle. And that is when you can start teaching them actual hand-knitting techniques.

3. Use fun knitting supplies and accessories

For starters, you will only tempt children if you choose colorful yarns, so this should be your first priority. Next, consider some funny yarn bowls. Children love all things funny, and they will surely love working with a funny yarn bowl like the one in the above picture. There are many other models to choose from. Moreover, the yarn bowls also have a practical nature, as they will prevent the tangling of the yarn. You can also find a lot of colorful needles that children would surely enjoy working with.

4. Have fun with it

If you want children to truly enjoy knitting, don’t be very strict when it comes to this activity. Let children have fun with it, and get to love it on their own terms. Don’t force them to knit when they are not in the mood to do it. Moreover, you can also try using the knitting as a bonding activity. You can knit with the kids, and while you are working you can talk, listen to music or play word games.

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