5 reasons to use upcycled furniture in your home      

Not unlike the dynamics of the fashion world, furniture trends come and go, so if you were to have a browse around popular furniture stores like Ikea, you’ll notice an overwhelming variety of designs, colours and patterns that look great now, but their value doesn’t hold up in time. Upcycling has emerged as a sustainable, responsible alternative to buying modern furniture and, thanks to its nostalgic charm, it has become one of the best things a homeowner can do in terms of decoration. If you haven’t given upcycled furniture a try, here are the top five reasons why you should welcome it in your home.

It’s unique

Your home is your personal space of relaxation, so why not decorate it to reflect that? Unlike mass produced furniture that you can find in every store, upcycled furniture is more customised and the chances of finding an identical item elsewhere are inexistent. Whether you want to show off your quirky decorative style or just start your own furniture experiment, upcycling is the best way to do that. The experts from Howss explain that upcycled chairs, beds and tables can create both a shabby chic or industrial look, depending on how you mix and match them.

It’s sustainable

Waste and pollution are global issues that affect each and every one of us and that can be solved not just by corporations and lawmakers, but also by homeowners. By upcycling instead of buying, you are contributing to the saving the planet because you are reusing materials and therefore reducing waste. As deforestation and resource depletion are becoming growing areas of concern that lead to global warming, choosing to decorate your home with upcycled furniture is the responsible thing to do.

It’s affordable

Decorating on a budget? With upcycling, that’s not a problem, because in many cases these items are considerably less expensive than new ones. Besides, you are also getting value for money because upcycled furniture is usually made from durable materials such as hardwood and quality textiles that look even better as they age. Or, if you don’t want to buy upcycled furniture, you can always try to do it yourself using old items that need restoration.

It’s on trend

Although it is based on reusing and recycling, upcycling has become one of the biggest interior design trends of the decade precisely because of its timelessness. Also, due to the fact that it can be used to create an industrial, grunge or vintage look, upcycled furniture keeps on trending and you can use it to achieve a unique look for your home, mixing and matching it with modern items.

It’s easy to find

Because upcycled furniture has become very popular in the past years, you can find it almost everywhere. From independent sellers at your local flea market to online furniture stores, you can come across beds, tables, drawers, chairs and decorations from all price ranges and decorate your home with items that not only tell a story, but also save money and help the planet.

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