5 Signs that You Are a Permissive Parent

Too many children are spoiled nowadays, and they do not listen to their parents at all. Why is this happening? Is it because adults do not know how to communicate with the little ones? Psychologists say that this could definitely be one of the reasons. Take a look at the following 5 signs that you are a permissive parent, in order to know exactly if you are part of this category or not.

1. Your kids do not have a routine

Routine is without a doubt extremely important for a child. It depends on you, as a parent, what routine your child has. For example, sleep is very important, so that you child grows healthy physically and mentally as well. Therefore, you must make sure your kid goes to bed every evening at the same time. Furthermore, breakfast, lunch and dinner should also be at the same time, every day. You must not allow your child to decide when to go to bed or when to eat. You must decide this for him, and he must definitely obey.

2.The small ones are aggressive

If your children are aggressive, then this certainly means you are a too permissive parent. Unfortunately, many kids are like this nowadays. Parents must do something about that, and the best thing they can do, in order to make their children stop being aggressive is to talk to them and explain why they should not be like that. It is very important to not yell at them at all. Moreover, parents must also not allow their kids do everything they want to do.

3. Your little one tries to negotiate with you

If your kid tries to negotiate with you every time you want him to do something, then you are definitely a permissive parent. You must never allow him to do what he wants to do. When you want him to do something, you just need to tell him to do that certain thing, and you must also explain to him why he needs to do that, and that’s it.

4. The kids complain about being bored

The kids usually complain when their parents are permissive. When they actually offer them lots of things, and they suddenly stop. For example, if your child has plenty of toys, he will definitely say that he is bored and he wants to do something new. Therefore, you must make sure you do not spoil your child.

5. Your child tries to control your life

This is definitely one of the 5 signs that you are a permissive parent. If your child tries to control your life, you must not allow him at all to do this. As long as he is a child, he must listen to you, and he must do what parents say, as they definitely know what’s best for him. Therefore, do not change your plans just because your child doesn’t want to do one thing or another.

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