A guide to France’s healthcare system

If you have recently moved to France to follow new career opportunities, then you must have a lot of questions in mind, regarding your life there. One of the most important things to look into is the health insurance card you have the possibility of receiving. In comparison with other countries, France puts at your disposal a wider range of healthcare advantages. However, in order to benefit from everything that this country’s government can offer you, being properly informed on the topic will be necessary. The following tips can help you learn a few interesting things about France’s healthcare system:

Who can apply for healthcare insurance?

The first question you probably have in mind is whether or not you are able to apply for health insurance. Well, everybody who has an employment contract in France, or has been a French citizen for at least 5 years, is eligible to receive a demarche carte vitale Seine Saint Denis. But, besides those who are employed, the French healthcare system offers free healthcare to students over 28 with no salaries, and also British early retirees. There is a coverage for foreigners under the healthcare program called PUMA as well.

How to register?

As soon as three months have passed since you have become a French citizen, you can shortly apply for your healthcare insurance. If you are employed, the company you are working for will be responsible to register you with French social security, but for your healthcare registration, you are the one that needs to chase and fill in the necessary paperwork. You can receive all the support you need by contacting a healthcare assistance department – they will be able to tell you more about the documents you will be needing. Those who are self employed are required to contact the Regime Social des Indépendants first. Those who have been French citizen since birth receive their health insurance card as soon as they turn 16, but because you are a foreigner, you will need to make a request, because the Carte Vitale might not be issued automatically.

The French healthcare system pros

The main benefit offered by the government is inexpensive healthcare. Even an appointment to the doctor can be reimbursed by the government, if you make a request. As long as you are a French citizen (employed and unemployed), or you are employed there, all of your medical bills will be covered. Moreover, you have the possibility of choosing your own doctor, because the government has no restrictions in this department.

Living in France will come with all sort of healthcare advantages, but in order for you to benefit from them, it is essential to be properly informed. This means knowing how you can obtain your health insurance card and other details that might help you, if you ever deal with a medical emergency. You should know that there are support department that can help you, if you require additional information, all you have to do is search only for a company of this kind.

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