Adding a touch of art to your dull office

Are you tired of just going to work and feel that boring, suffocating atmosphere you are trying to avoid? You simply miss the nice, warm cosiness of your home and you can’t get to get out of your office and recharge your batteries? Then you need to make a change regarding the decoration of your working space. Productive work is all about feeling good while doing it, so if the environment you are working in doesn’t let you do just that, there is a problem that needs urgent solving. You have many options you can choose from when it comes to selecting items that can emphasize the idea of comfort in your office. Here are a few things you can consider:


When you don’t know where to start, buy prints. It is the most affordable and efficient way to add some colour and beauty to your office. Decorating doesn’t require a specialist in order to have great results. All you have to do is simply choose some pieces of artwork you like and then place them strategically on the walls of your office. You get bonus points if you place them so that everyone who visits your office sees them and get the same amount of art needed as you do. If you have no idea what should you look for, try the art of Jessie Breakwell or Anna Marrow. You can find prints with everything that may cross your mind.  


Another factor that can highly influence what your atmosphere is like is the lighting. If your office is not well-lit you will constantly feel that boredom and sleepiness take over. You should try looking for lamps with warm light and make sure your windows are never covered. Light should get in because it is beneficial both for the health of your eyes and soul. Mirrors help too by enlarging space and reflecting light so you might want to take that into account if you have some spare space you’d like to fill. Be careful not to exaggerate. Keeping a nice warm touch to your office will be enough for lazy mornings and tiring afternoons.


The most important thing in decorating is placing your personal touch on everything around you. Besides lots of artwork, including prints and everything that catches your attention, bring pictures of your family with you and place them on your desk. This way, you won’t feel the constant need to get home and you will have a moment of relaxation every time you have a glimpse of your loved ones.


To sum it up, understanding that the atmosphere is a big part of feeling good at work is the key. After you assimilated that information, you need to start taking action. Do not try to get used to the environment around you but instead do something to make yourself feel at home. Unleash your imagination and your inner interior designer and get the best out of those white walls that are waiting to be filled.


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