Approaching the Drug Abuse Topic with Your Teenage Children – Valuable Tips and Tricks

The teenage years are quite tricky as you may already know it, from your own experience, even. During this time, we become adults and this is how we learn to manage better our emotions and experiences. Our coping mechanisms are not yet fully developed and we might misinterpret many of the feelings and experiences that we live. Also, we have a difficult time filtering through the behaviours some of those surrounding us might display. In this case, we might end up making some wrong decisions and “borrow” some of those behaviours. We are discussing in this particular case about drug abuse. The following paragraphs will tell you more on how to approach this topic with your teenage child that is leaving for college and how to explain to them the strong relationship between drug abuse and mental illness.

Speak to your kids the way you’d want to be spoken to

Try not to be condescending as children their age are very sensitive to such nuances. This is the last thing that you’d like your child to believe. That you treat them as inferior creatures. This will prevent them from truly listening to your points of views and rules. Make sure that you outline the fact that the junior college year might be a difficult time, especially considering the fact that they’ll be far away from home. This will make them more vulnerable mentally. Teach or direct them to resources on coping with mental hardship and how to approach mental illness if it appears, without relying on drugs. Many studies have shown that the relationship between drug abuse and mental illness is undoubtedly a strong one.

While exposing these points of view, make sure that you remember the fact that after all, they are almost adults and you should treat them accordingly. In the end, it’s their call on how to approach the matter, but at least you should expose these points of view.

Safety-train them when it comes to group trips and drugs

Group trips and vacations are the perfect contexts in which your teenage child might be exposed to various substances from alcohol to hard drugs. Make sure that you outline some safety measures that they should take to avoid unwanted ingestion of drugs and large quantities of alcohol. Certain locations (Las Vegas, for instance) might be more favourable for them to get into similar habits.

Expose different types of addictions

Drugs are not the only thing that might result in an unhealthy addiction. For instance, alcohol, shopping and even food might become objects of one’s addiction. Make sure that you explain how these are only some temporary ways to manage unhealthy feelings and overwhelming sensations. This will also help them differentiate between various kinds of health risks associated with various addictions. Being aware of the final outcome might be, in the end, the surest way to keep them away from such habits.

These simple tips will certainly help you help you teenage child overcome the drug temptation but also the mental hardship associated with their first year of college, in a healthy and favourable way.

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