Are Cooling Fans Safe for Children

Most cooling fans use rotating blades that take the air in a room and spin it until it’s cooled so the air temperature will be lowered. The fact that air cooling fans are based on such as simple technique makes them very accessible and a top choice for people willing to make their homes more comfortable in the hot season. However, using them around children has raised some questions because those rotating blades make them somehow dangerous for children. We thought it would be good to debate this issue and find out whether or not cooling fans are safe for children.

The risks on children

There are many types of fans that differ in shape, size, and sometimes even in operating mode. Ceiling fans are a popular type used to cool large rooms because the air is cooled from the top and spread in the entire room. Although they are out of reach of children, ceiling fans are not appropriate for children rooms because they create cold drafts of air.
Another type is the pedestal fan that sits on the floor and uses rotating blades to cool the air. This type should definitely not be used around children because of their instability and the dangerous rotating blades that can hurt children. Children are likely to stick their fingers in the blades and they can also tilt the pedestal fans and make them fall.

The safest type of fan

The safest and most appropriate type to use around children is the tower fan that hides the rotating blades inside a long housing that spreads cool air on a wide area without endangering children. Since tower fans have evolved so much, you can now find bladeless models that use an advanced technology called Air Multiplier that attracts air into their aperture and create cold air without the use of blades. This feature makes them perfectly safe for use in the child’s room or near children because there is no risk of accidents. The tower fan is also the best oscillating fan model you could choose because the long shape is supported by a sturdy base that keeps it from tilting while operating, thus eliminating the risk of accidents.

Our choice

When it comes to children safety, the Dyson AM tower fans are the best choice for use around children due to the advanced operating mode and the impressive safety features. The lack of rotating blades of the Dyson AM07 model eliminates the risk of getting hurt while touching the fan and makes it a silent unit that can be used in nurseries as well. There is also an oscillating feature available that maximizes the air spreading area and a sleep timer that allows you to set the fan to work from 15 minutes to 9 hours before shutting off.

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