Benefits of Introducing Organic Meat to Your Children’s Diet

The term “organic diet” refers to a particular way that farmers grow, harvest and process cultivated agricultural produce. These products include grains, meat, fruits, dairy and dairy products, vegetables, et cetera. Organic agricultural practices are typically undergone to encourage conservation of water, soil, and nutrients, and also reduce pollution.

Conventionally reared meats are saturated with herbicides, pesticides, and growth hormones ingested through their diets. These present health risks and problems for people who consume such meat. These chemicals are synthesized primarily to kill parasites like insects, fungi, and bacteria, not to be put into the human body. Most of these animals do not even completely flush out the chemicals from their bodies, and they are assimilated when consumed by human beings. Build up of such foreign substances could cause fatal damages later in life.

Ironically still, one research once found out that pork and chicken from organically reared animals were 33 percent less likely to contain bacteria resistant to more than three antibiotics, than conventional meat.

Introducing organic meat such as organic grass-fed beef to your children’s diet ultimately eliminates the risk of them swallowing those toxic chemicals that are designed to cause abnormal growth of the animals. Your children’s bodies will be eternally grateful to you in the long run.

In case you still aren’t convinced, here are more reasons to feed organic meat to your kids.

  • Organic meat contains approximately 50 percent more than conventional meat, of omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients highly crucial in growing children. The reason is simple: Animals that eat more grass typically can maintain lower overall fat levels and higher omega-3 than animals made to eat more grain. Organic meat also has a lower content of the saturated fats reported being associated with increased cardiovascular disease risks.
  • Research reports that common bacteria reputable to be leading causes of food poisoning, likeSalmonella and coli are a good deal more likely to be seen in conventionally grown meat than in organic grass fed beef. Also, strains of these bacteria resistant to antibiotics are 200 percent more likely to be contained in conventional meat.
  • Conventionally grown meat usually have antibiotics injected into them to increase their bulk, and in turn, provide more meat. This might be good on the surface, but when we consider that consuming large quantities of antibiotics actually reduces our bodies’ abilities to fight disease due to our immune systems developing tolerance, it becomes a cause for worry. This can be compared with a drug addict building tolerance for their choice drug; as time eventually, they will need a surplus of such drug to feel their effects.
  • Since the 90s, genetically modified foods have become the mainstay of the Western diet. It has been established that animals fed GM foods have a significant decrease in the abilities of the immune systems in their bodies to fight and ward off infections.

Growing children need all the benefits that organic foods have to offer. While it might threaten to rip holes in your pocket, if you can afford to introduce organic meats into their diets, you have the benefit of raising stronger, healthier children.

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