Capture the Flag Redux – The Perfect Game for Family Fun

Family games can be very entertaining, especially if you have older kids. This way, the kids can engage in more complicated games that are also entertaining for adults. Capture the Flag Redux is a cool game that you can play with the kids in the yard during the evenings. If the name of the game sounds familiar, that is because the game is based on the classic flag game that we used to play as kids. Not only is this game very entertaining, but it is also a great way to do some exercise, while also bonding with the kids. Here’s what the game is all about:

The rules

Let’s start with the rules of the classic game to bounce your memory a little. The players must be divided into two teams, so that means that you need at least 4 players. If you happen to be more, than it will be even better. Each team has to hide their own flag and try to protect it from the opposing team, while also trying to steal the other team’s flag. The game ends when one team manages to steal the enemy team’s flag.

Game props

Remember when you used to make flags and matching bandanas from fabric scraps that you found around the house? Well, this is no longer the case with the modern Redux Capture the Flag game. The Redux kit contains a bunch of glowing game pieces. The classic flag has been replaced with a glowing orb while the matching bandanas have been replaced with glowing bracelets. Aside from that, in the upgraded Redux version of the game, you also get jail markers and territory markers. In the classic game the territory was quite relative and we either used stones as jail markers, or we used chalk to mark the jail space.

Endless fun with countless twists

In order for the game to be more versatile, the Redux kit also includes a deck of cards. Some of those cards are some game variations or suggestions to make the game more fun. Some cards suggest adding some special players that have powers which can change the outcome of the game. One popular game variation is a sort of tag. One player is designated to be the werewolf and the rest of the players are the hunters. In this variation, you only play with one orb that the werewolf must hide when nobody is looking. The hunters must find the orb, while running away from the werewolf. If someone is touched by the werewolf, they will be turned. The game ends when a hunter manages to find the orb, or when all players have been turned into werewolves.

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