Craft Brewery: Essential Equipment for Your First Brew

Brewing is for literally anyone. A micro-brewery is a new and exciting challenge that has the ability to be very profitable. Along with some common challenges associated with starting and running a small business, you will need to think about beverage production and sale when starting a microbrewer. 

In this post, we run through some of the main legal and manufacturing issues to help bring your small brewery dream to life.

Producer/ Wholesale License for Brewers

In order to sell your brews, you will need to obtain a Producers/Wholesalers License. Depending on your state, you can get this from the Office of Liquor, Gaming, and Racing. This permit will allow you to:

  • Sell your brews to other licensees;
  • Sell your products to the public;
  • Undergo tastings of your product.

You may want also want to run brewery tours or allow the locals to come and taste your products as a way of introducing your beer to a new audience and sell more.

Additional Permits and Labelling Beverages

Along with extended trading authorizations, you may also need to consider additional permits to your license, including the drink-on premises permits, allowing you to sell your brews to the public for consumption on your premises. That’s also important if you plan on opening a bar or restaurant/guest accommodation.

 What’s more, each state’s code may require you to abide by all food and standards specific to a beer. The code included not only the production of beer by also labeling requirements. As such, you may use a Etikettmaskin in order to include information like:

  • Volume;
  • Alcoholic content;
  • Country of origin;
  • Best before date; and
  • Barcode.

Any micro-brewery requires essential material without which cannot run-. To ensure a profitable business, it’s important to manage an amount of 1000 hectoliters every year that will be sold as kegs or bottled. In this way, the business can be considered quite lucrative.

The essential equipment and materials to start a brewery are:

  • Production system
  • Bottling line, if necessary
  • FyllemaskinerCold storage room
  • A warehouse for raw materials

The production system if of a micro-brewery:

  1. Malt Mill

In the process, the malt grains are ground with a grin crusher, which can be manual or mechanized based on the batch size. Note that grains have to be powdered but crushed unevenly.

  1. Hot Water Tank

A hot water tank is critical during the brewing process (especially in the mashing and lautering phases), thus the tank should be heating up and always maintain a precise water temperature.

  1. Boil Tun/Kettle

Once the wort is filtered, it must be boiled and then cooked. Therefore, it’s required a metal stockpot, preferably made of steel which a have better thermal conductivity, in contact with a direct source of heat.

  1. Fermenter

The fermenter is a cylindrical vat made of steel where the wort starts its fermentation through the addition of yeast. You will notice that on the bottom, there will be a lot of waste throw away (yeast impurities, etc.) but which you can remove easily.

In the end, all you need to do is to bottle your beer using a Korkemaskiner or put it in the kegs, ready to be tapped.


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