Do you look for a nanny? – a few things to consider

Being a parent is maybe one of the most difficult jobs of the 21th century because you have to offer your child the best living conditions, starting with food and clothes and ending with toys and the necessary accessories for school. But the most important of all is that, despite of all these things, a child needs time, care and affection.

If you are a modern parent, you cannot be available all the time because you have to work in order to cover all the spending. So, the best solution for helping your child not being neglected is hiring a babysitter. If you ask yourself what you should know before hiring a nanny, we made you a list with some of the most important aspects. And maybe a good idea is to look for suggestions, following the link

Things to consider before hiring a babysitter


First of all, if your child is older than five years, you should take into consideration his opinion. So, if you think to hire someone as a babysitter, ask your child if he or she likes her. Maybe the person seems nice, but if your kid doesn’t feel safe around her, you’ve better look for someone else in order to avoid conflicts.


Secondly, you should make a list with the most important information about your child and give it to the nanny. Write there the number of hours that your child has to sleep, what type of food he should consume, if he is allergic to something or if he is allowed to play on the computer or to watch TV after a certain hour.


Thirdly, ask for the help of an agency. It’s simpler that way and you can save a lot of time. Make a list with the characteristics that a nanny should have in order to help the agency find you someone that raises your expectation. Try to concentrate on personality, but don’t ignore the physical aspects too.

Mistakes to avoid for parents who are interested in hiring a nanny


  • Don’t choose someone who doesn’t have enough experience. Ask her to give you proof of her previous jobs.
  • Don’t forget to establish the payment method from the beginning! Maybe a good idea is to pay the babysitter per hour.
  • Don’t treat the nanny as a stranger. Make her feel as part of the family and she will feel more comfortable. But if she breaks your trust, don’t hesitate to take action immediately and announce the agency.
  • Even if your child has a nanny, try your best to spend as much time as possible with him.


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