E-cig liquid – what nicotine strength to choose

The most popular alternative to traditional smoking is the electronic cigarette. Dry herb vaporisers are not only healthy, but they also help people quit smoking altogether. To make sure that you enjoy a good vaping experience, it is necessary to consume ecig liquid in a fulfilling manner. To be more precise, you have to decide on the right type of e cigarette liquid, which is not at all easy if you are a beginner. There are many strengths available and choosing the right one determines whether or not you have a positive experience. This guide addresses those who do not know how to pick an e-juice that is equivalent to the cigarettes that you normally smoke.

Consider your smoking habits

When making the switch to electronic cigarettes, it is important to take into consideration your smoking habits. If you are a casual smoker, you do not need a high nicotine level. On the other hand, if you are in the habit of smoking about two packs a day, you should consider opting for an e-juice that has a stronger nicotine level. The idea is that it is useful to evaluate your smoking habits when shopping for e-cig liquid. Understanding what you are currently using will make things a lot simpler.

Low or high?

Most smokers make the mistake of starting out too low. The reason why this is a mistake is that it results in compensation smoking. To put things differently, people who choose a low concentration vape more to satisfy the body’s craving for nicotine. What you have to keep in mind is that that goal is to smoke less, not more. Due to the low strength of the e-liquid, you will not feel that you are vaping at all. The strength will not work for you, especially in the beginning. Equally important is drawing attention to the fact that more is not necessarily better. Choosing a strong concentration for the first experience is not recommended because your risk taking an overdose. Finding a concentration at some place between 12 mg/mL and 24 mg/mL is best. You can simply make changes after this.

Experiment with e-liquid nicotine strengths

Finding the right nicotine level for you is almost impossible if you do not experiment with different e-cig liquid strengths. It is essential to remember that nicotine absorption manifests itself differently in different people. Therefore, you should try different strengths until you find the one that really suits you. Even if you are not successful from the very beginning, you have to keep on trying. It is only a matter of time until you find the right dose.

To conclude, choosing e-liquid nicotine strength is not an exact science. If you are genuinely interested in making the transition to electronic cigarettes, then you have to find a concentration that is just right. When you start experimenting with different strengths, you will see that the higher the concentration is, the flavor will feel differently. You will soon see that things do not end here.

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