Educational Toddler Activities

These learning activities will be very fun for your toddler. They will learn to differentiate colors and shapes, to recognize letters and numbers and to be more responsible.

Activities for Learning Colors and Shapes

You can help your child discover the colors by drawing them a rainbow on a piece of paper. They will have a lot of fun trying to find small toys for each color of the rainbow. This way you can teach them new colors. You can be more creative and put on the floor six or seven different colored pieces of paper. Meanwhile, your toddler should find toys the same color that the paper has. During this educational activity, they will learn the colors and the object shapes. You can buy your toddler a Fun Block Cleanup. Every block will have a different color and shape. They can be cylinders, cubes, rectangles or rounds. You child will have a lot of fun playing with it and they will learn to sort the block by shape and colors. Moreover, you can buy 10 different color cups and a box of mixed crayons. He will have to place every crayon in the corresponding cup.

Activities for Learning Literacy and Math

The Alphabet Treasure Hunt in the perfect game for your toddler who is learning the shapes and the spelling of letters. You can play with them by hiding in the sand a few magnetic or wooden letters. Invite your toddler to scoop in the sand to find the letters. Each time they find one , they should repeat the letter’s name after you.

Every activity must be interesting, so your toddler doesn’t get bored. Help you child learn numbers by drawing on a paper six squares each one with a different number. Take some jellies and help him place in every square the correct number of jellies. This way you will teach them the numbers and how to count.

Arts and Crafts for toddlers

One of the most common activities among children is to draw on the walls. Don’t take this pleasure away from them, and create a special wall just for them.

Moreover, let them play with Plasticine and encourage their creativity. Children should play in nature, so you should provide them with a special place to play outside. Teach them to paint the leafs and the flowers and decorate your house with their creations.

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