Freshen up your wardrobe with a second-hand shopping spree

Mastering second-hand shopping is a form of art. However, this oftentimes comes with the necessity of fixing minor issues the clothing pieces might have. But if the issues are small, it is worth your time. However, you can find great clothing pieces if you search well and find a few great stores that retail everything, from adult clothing, to haine second hand pentru copii. But, to have a great experience with your next second-hand shopping spree, we have some tips for you below

1. A list is the answer

In order to make sure you follow specific clothing goals while you are second-hand shopping, you must come up with a list of pieces you look forward to buy. However, it’s just a guideline, don’t live by it. Or die. Have an open attitude in terms of what you need, but a list will help you narrow the search.

2. Don’t think, just do

Yes, this seems to contradict a little the previous point, but just as we said, the list is only a guideline. Spree around the shop and if something catches your eye, grab it. If it’s not fitted well, you can always give it up. Don’t overthink, if you fall in love with a piece, buy it, it might be your single occasion of purchasing it, especially when second-hand shopping.

3. Wear an easy to dress up and down outfit

Because most probably you’d prefer trying on the pieces before buying them, wear something that makes this task easy. No button-down, no lace-up shoes, nothing that will make the process complicated. A pair of sneakers and a plain dress would do the trick.

4. Look for classic lines and shapes

Make sure you don’t invest in one-season pieces. Make sure you will be able to wear them the next year without trend issues. Fashion is cyclic and you might want to consider pieces that will always remain this way: fashionable.

5. Buy the item, not the brand

Many go fishing for big brand when second-hand shopping. However, this is not the philosophy you should follow. Instead, if you like one clothing item, buy it, no matter if it’s not a big brand name. The simple fact you like it, it’s in good shape and form should be a good enough motive to buy it.

6. Try online second-hand shopping

This is a great option when you lack the time or energy to go on a shopping spree. Luckily, there are a couple of online stores able to satisfy even the most exquisite requirements in terms of fashion. From grand fashion brands, all their clothing pieces come in a perfect form.

7. NEVER buy stained clothes

That little one won’t go out no matter how hard you try. Otherwise, somebody else would already have.

Make sure you follow these simple rules on your next second hand shopping spree and you are very likely to find those pieces you long for such a long time.

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