Fun and easy ribbon crafts you can do with your kids

Nowadays, schools do not lay much emphasis on crafts. They have to cut on budget and crafts are the first to go. It is needless to say that this is a huge mistake. Besides the fact that little ones love doing crafts, crafts contribute to their development. Your children love digging into craft projects that imply cutting and gluing things, so you should take advantage of this opportunity. What can you do? Well, you can try infinite projects. We advise you to stick with ribbon crafts. Ribbon crafts are simple, child’s play, and they are a great deal of fun. If you need material for your next craft projects, visit Here you can by as much material as you need. Get plenty of colours and try the following projects. Your little ones will surely love them.

Ribbon wand

The ribbon wand is great for playing and dancing. All that is necessary is to cut the ribbon into equal strips and tie them to the top of the stick. It is advisable to screw an eyehook at the end of the stick. But if you don’t have one lying around, there is no problem.

Dancing ribbon rings

Dancing ribbon rings are basically toys for dancing and movement. They are great for indoors and outdoors. If your kids are obsessed with drawing ribbons, they will not pass the chance of making dancing rings. For this project, you need wooden rings (curtain rings also work), ribbon in many colours, and a good pair of scissors. Get your little ones to cut the material into thin strips. The length depends on the height of your children. It is a good idea though to double the height of your kids for each material length. The strips are tied to the ring. A double know is enough. If your kids don’t know how to tie a double knot, this is the time to teach them Last but not least, run the ends of the strips through a flame. This will keep them from fraying. Don’t let the kids get their hands on the lighter.

Ribbon chandelier

Ribbon chandeliers are ideal for birthdays and, generally speaking, special events. To create one, you need one hoops, a hula-hoop will do just fine, wire, spray paint, scissors, and a glue gun. The first step is the longest one. The wire goes from one end to the other, through the centre. You should have 4 equal sides. The difficult part is making a loop in the middle. Try it yourself and then show your children how it is done. When you are done with the base, let one of your kids spray paint the wire. The last part is also for the kids. Let them glue the ribbons to the base. You will see that they will be done in a jiffy.


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