Guide for choosing your wedding destination

If you want to have a destination wedding, then you may see the process as throwing a dart on a map, and seeing what part of the world you are going to travel to celebrate this event. But, when it comes to a Sikh wedding, you have to make sure that the destination would allow you practice all the rituals essential for this event, and that you can find a priest willing to travel here to officiate your marriage. Your main question when it comes to Sikh destination weddings is if you should choose a Tuscan vineyard or a cliff-side in the Caribbean, because Sikh weddings require the presence of families, and you have to make sure that they will like the place you choose. Different couples have different preferences, and you will have to discuss with your partner and find his or her opinion. Here are some pieces of advice on the aspects you should consider when you choose the destination for your wedding.

Check your budget

When it comes to the budget for a destination wedding, you should expect it to be higher than the one for a traditional wedding. So you will have to decide from the beginning the sum you are willing to spend on your wedding. A top-notch resort and a fabulous locale do not have to be out of reach, but you will have to cut money for other things. If you want to have a luxury wedding, then you should consider travelling to Mexico, Central America or the Caribbean. There you have plenty of gorgeous beachfront resorts from which to choose, when it comes to having the ceremony and reception. If you want to choose something special, then you should consider getting married in Costa Rica, surrounded by volcanoes and rain forests.

What size wedding do you want?

When it comes to destination weddings, it is important to decide the size from the beginning, because it will help you choose the hotel, and wedding venue. Because you will have a Sikh wedding, you already know that you will have to invite your family members, but if you have to plan a wedding within your budget, you may have to cut down the list of friends. If you want to have an intimate wedding, then you should consider travelling to Australia, South Africa or Europe. In case you want to have a large wedding, you should check the offers from Caribbean resorts, because they come with many different dining options and all-inclusive amenities.

The landscape is important

When you decide the destination of your wedding, you should try to envision where you see yourself doing this. Do you want to see the rainforest and ancient runs from Central America, or you want to have the ceremony on the white-sand shores in the Caribbean. There are people who want to have the ceremony in the same place where they want to spend their honeymoon, and if this is the case for you, you should check the offers in Tahiti, because they are simply amazing.

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