How to Achieve an Ideal Nursery Humidity

When you have a baby, it’s essential to create a healthy and safe environment where they will grow properly. The nursery is where the baby will spend the first part of their life so it has to be perfect in every way, from temperature to humidity level so the baby will feel comfortable. If achieving the right temperature seems easy, things get a little complicated when it comes to humidity. Luckily, we have some useful tips we would like to share regarding the ideal nursery humidity and how to establish the perfect level.

Install a measuring device

The first thing you need to do is check the air humidity to see if it fluctuates and for that, you will need a hygrometer which is a device that measures air humidity. It will show the air moisture measurements so you will know when it’s time to interfere and adjust the humidity to a safe level. A thermostat is also a good idea because it checks both temperature and humidity levels.

Perfectly insulate the room

First of all, you have to make sure the room is well insulated so there won’t be the risk of developing condense due to the exchange of temperature. Condense is very dangerous for the baby’s airways because it gets into the lungs and affects the breathing system. Ensure the proper insulation before bringing the baby into the nursery by adding a layer of expanded polystyrene that will seal the room.

Create the proper temperature

Air humidity is also influenced by the air temperature because a temperature too high can dry the air, which is a common problem in winter. Since the air humidity must stay at a constant level around 50%, it’s important to adjust the temperature so that it won’t affect the air quality. For cold days, you can resort to an infrared heater that creates warmth without drying the air so there will be plenty of air humidity in eh nursery. Unlike other types of heaters that dry the air, this one spreads a warmth that is absorbed by bodies and objects in the room without affecting the air humidity.

The humidifier adds air moisture

Given that dry air can be some harmful to the baby because it dries their airways and creates discomfort, it’s best that you add moisture to the air. Instead of going for a bowl of water placed on a heat source. you can choose the safer and more efficient humidifier. This device spread water vapors into the air so the air humidity will be adjusted to the proper level. Humidifiers are perfectly safe to use around children and they don’t cause any health problems.

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