How to make fabulous hair bows for your daughter

As a parent, you want your little girl to look pretty, so you dress your kid up in all kinds of robes. No matter how beautiful your daughter is, you want the world to see it as well. Having a beautiful child is indeed something to feel proud about. While appearance is not the most important quality, it certainly boosts self-esteem. Dresses are not enough though to enhance your child’s appearance. If you are genuinely interested in making your daughter look pretty, you should think outside the box. Hair bows are trending right now and it is needless to say that these accessories are able to enhance everyone’s appearance. The only issue is that they are a little bit pricey. What you should do is buy hair bow grosgrain ribbon and learn how to make fabulous hair bows. They complete the look of any outfit, so learning how to make these accessories is worthwhile.

Get hair bow supplies

If you have decided that you want to give hair bow making a try, you have to get the right supplies. Naturally, you will need ribbon, but you have to make sure that you have at least 3 different prints. If you do not want to spend too much time searching for the right material, you can order bespoke ribbon. Many supplier offer personalised products. In terms of necessary tools, you will also need measuring tape, a good pair of scissors, an alligator clips and, last but not least, a glue gun.

Make hair bows

Now that you have the right supplies, you can start making hair bows. The first thing you will have to do is measure the narrow strip of material. What you have to do next is cut the ribbon into pieces of equal size, sew them together and attach them to the alligator clip using the glue gun. You should be very careful when using the glue gun as you can get burnt easily. You should worry more about you than about placing glue where it should not be. The result will be a beautiful hair bow that your daughter will most certainly love.

Make your daughter pretty like mommy

Hair bows are not as ridiculous as shirts that say “Pretty like mommy”, so you should not hesitate when it comes to introducing your kid to these accessories. As a matter of fact, they are stylish and suitable for any age. Whether long or short locks, she will look beautiful. What is more, you will most likely love spending your time making accessories for her.

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