How to organize an amazing divorce party

 Many times a marriage just does not work out. So, if one of your family members decided to file for divorce, you have to offer them support, and help them have a fresh start. One way of making them forget about their divorce is to organize a party. The majority of people only need an occasion to have fun, to be able to think positive again. Therefore, if you want to help them boost their mood, you can organize a divorce party, and celebrate with all their family and friends, that they have managed to take this decision. But you have to keep in mind that you are planning a party, so the main purpose is to help people have fun, and what better way of doing this you have, than telling the best funny quotes about marriage. Here are some other tips that will help you organize an amazing divorce party.

Send out invitations

When you plan a divorce party, you have to see it as any other similar event. You have to decide who will be invited, and whom the divorced person wants to see during the party. It is not advisable to invite common friends, or relatives of the ex-husband or wife. Also, if they have children, you should not include them on the list. It is recommended to stick with close family and friends, persons who have been through the worst moments and who will understand the purpose of the party. Talk with the divorced person about the list.

Choose the venue

The venue of the party is important, because you have to find a place where everyone feels comfortable. For example, if you choose to host the party in your living room, you can decorate the walls with marriage quotes. They are a great way of making fun of the situation they find themselves in, and they will definitely consider great that you have done your best to personalize the space.

Write a discourse

In the majority of cases, when their best friend divorces, the best man or the bridesmaid is the one who organizes the party. So if you had this role on their wedding day you can write a discourse for this occasion. You should keep the same structure as of the one you have created for their wedding. You should share with the guests how you met them and the things you have been through together. Also, this party is not so formal as the wedding, so you can include in the discourse some funny stories about the adventures you had together. In case you are not good at making jokes, you can insert some quotes in the discourse.

Offer guests gifts

You want people remember your party. So, offer them gifts. You can offer them alcohol, or if your friend has some things, of their ex-husband or wife, they want to get rid of; you can offer them to the guests. Do not forget to tie on the gifts some funny divorce quotes, they are a good replacement of the wedding favors.



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