How to tell if you have a bad cable box?


When you come home from work, all you want to do is to relax with your loved ones. And in the majority of cases, the best way to do it, is by watching a TV show together. But, one day you notice that the TV is not functioning, and you miss an episode from the TV drama you follow with so much interest. The main question you may have is if you should call the sky`s helpline or you can fix the issue by yourself. Well, if you have difficulties with the TV cable box, they can be caused by a great variety of issues. It all starts with the symptoms and you have to pay attention to them, because they tell you, if you should call a professional or you can fix it by yourself. The channel might not change, the image might be frozen, the playback features may not work, and so on.

Step 1 – check for power

The first thing you have to do is to check if the television and the box are receiving power. Check if both of them are plugged, and if the wall outlets are active because there are times when they do not function. You should know that some outlets are controlled by a switch and in this case the problem might be that the switch is off, and not that the cable box is not working. It happens the TV and cable box to not receive power, so you should start checking them from this point.

Step 2 – Check if the TV is working

There are times when people think that the cable box is the one that needs to be fixed, because replacing or repairing a TV is expensive, and they prefer to think at the easier problem. So, if you have issues with using the TV, you should check if the device is functional or not, because if there is a lack of picture it can be a sign that the television needs repairs. You can test it by paying a VHS or DVD tape. In case the DVD tape produces a picture, then the TV is functional, and you can contact a professional to come and check the cable box.

Step 3 – Check the connections

If you want to make sure that the TV or the cable box are properly working, you should check the connections between them. You should make sure that the cables are plugged in, the way they should, and you can interchange some of them, to see if they are defective. Replace the cables that seem to be degraded, even if they seem only bent at the back.

Step 4 – Reboot the cable box

If the TV does not work, and you have tried all these tricks, then you can reboot the cable box. You will only have to unplug it from the wall outlet, and to wait for a couple of seconds before you plug it back. In the majority of cases, the automatic reboot fixes all the issues.

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