Is collagen induction the new thing?

Collagen induction is also know by many people as micro-needling and medical skin needling, so if you find it under one of these names, you should know that it is the same therapy. This treatment is considered to be minimal invasive, because it is able to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and even scars from your body and face. During the treatment, a special device, which features tiny needles that would be moved over your skin to create puncture wounds. Now that you are up to date with what collagen induction therapy Toronto implies, you might wonder if it could help you, because you might have noticed that as the years passed your skin is less elastic, loose and thin, and you are not satisfied with this look. Well, you should know that this therapy stimulates your body to produce new collagen and in this way, you would benefit from an improved tightness and texture.

Am I a good candidate for collagen induction?

Specialists state that micro needling is a suitable treatment for all skin types, and you are an ideal candidate if you want to improve the state of your wrinkles, smooth lines and skin laxity. This treatment not only that can help you deal with these issues, but it is also effective in slowing the ageing process and improving the appearance of your skin in case you are having scars.

What makes micro needling amazing?

This is one of the many questions people have, when it comes to this subject. Collagen inductions therapy is so highly recommended because it is able to help people in numerous conditions. If you are experiencing wrinkles or fine lines, then you should choose micro needling as part of the treatment. When it comes to new or old scars, or even acne scarring, collagen induction is quite helpful. It also improves the aspect of stretch marks, the skin texture and it narrow the large pores. The effects produced by ageing, as loose skin, are improved with the help of micro needling and in case you are dealing with skin tone issues, then ask an expert about the advantages offered by this treatment.

What benefits would I have when using this treatment?

When promoting this treatment specialists would tell you in what conditions it can help you, but you might want to know how it works, and from what improvements you should expect. After having this treatment your skin would be able to absorb better the topical serums and active ingredients from the creams you are using. It is also very helpful in blood circulation and supply, and it increases the production of collagen. You do not have to worry that you might suffer from side effects or allergies, because it is safe to be used on all skin types and because nothing is injected in your skin and only medical titanium needles are used, there is no cause of experiencing any allergies. It is safe to be used even to treat the issues localised on your body, scalp and fragile skin around your neck, eyes and mouth.

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