Is it dangerous to have rats and mice indoors?

We are all Mickey Mouse fans but, this does not mean that you want to have rats and mice all around the house. Actually, many people are afraid of seeing real rats, because they consider them dangerous. And in the majority of cases they are right. They carry multiple diseases and the parasites that come with them even more. A great number of these diseases are deadly to people, a few examples are Listeria, Salmonellosis, Hantavirus, and Rat-Bite Fever. If you see a little mouse wondering around the house you may have the misconception that it will do no harm. But, you should not let yourself fooled, because during a year a single female can reproduce more than 10 times.  And every time she will have around eight baby mice, so you can imagine how many mice will invade your house in a year.

Rodents can cause health issues

If you have common mice then there is no danger because they are not infested with health threatening viruses, they can spread diseases as Hantavirus, which can be treated. But if you see a mouse you should inform the pest control in Forest Gate  because it can spread diseases as salmonellosis and listeria through the saliva, urine and droppings they leave behind. In case your house experiences an infestation then the risk of contracting one of these diseases increases, and you should do your best to prevent this.

Rodents are a danger for the house ‘structure

People consider that it is dramatic to think that something so little as a mouse can destroy the structure of your house, but the truth is that they have great chances of doing it. Mice use to chew wires, and if they have access to your walls then they can damage the electrical system of your house. Rodents chew wires because this is a simple way to enter places. Also, they chew things because they have to shorten their teeth. And if they chew your electrical wires, then a spark may be generated and there is a high risk of a fire. And even if you may not believe it, mice are able to chew wood, plastic pipes, soft concrete, aluminium, insulation and sometimes even drywall rubber. Therefore, if you notice rodents’ presence around the house you should contact a company that offers pest control in East London.

Rodents eat anything

Mice and rats are able to chew and east numerous materials and things, so there is no surprise that they will eat anything they will find in your house. In case you have grains then you should know that they really like them, and they will have no problems to get into your kitchen or storage room and eat it all. And in case you do not know, they have to eat around 25 times a day, so once they find a source of food, they will not leave it until it is not empty. Also, the fact that they are eating everything is dangerous for your health because they contaminate around 10 times more food than they eat.


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