Minimalism – do you really need all the things you possess?

One set of cups for water, one set of cups for soda, a few sets of cutleries for all sorts of purposes – cutting meat, fruits, bread, fish – five types of bowls and plates for all sorts of dishes, a full closet of clothes that you no longer wear or never worn anyway – does this sound familiar? If yes, then you probably live a life full of things that you don’t actually need. This is the moment when you should consider becoming a minimalist. Minimalism encourages focusing on what really matters instead of material things, that don’t make a difference in the way a person lives. Here are some tips on how to become a minimalism for a better lifestyle:

The initial decluttering

Minimalism is a process itself. In short, it means to live simpler, using things that are strictly necessary to you, and to surround yourself with experiences that bring you a happiness instead. Removing those things that may lead to negative emotions such as frustration, greed, jealousy and so on is the first step towards becoming a minimalist. Start by decluttering your house and your life. Find the nearest storage units Orlando and take there all the items you consider useless for your daily life. Don’t hold on to anything that has no relevance to the way you live at the moment. The minimalist lifestyle is based on the concept of giving up everything that is not really necessary and useful to you, so think well during this step. The thing you should keep in mind is that you need less to live more.

Reasons why you should become a minimalist


Less time and energy involved in seeking material things means more availability and openness to work on quality relationships you have with people around you. Relationships can’t be compared to anything else: the more you work on them and involve real resources into them, the better they get. Or are you one of those who believe in the myth of quality relationships that work without investing any effort into them?


More money means a decrease in your debts, and there’s no better way to save money other than not spending it on useless items. People accumulate debt because they apply for credits to buy things that they can’t afford, which don’t really seem to impact their lives in any way. By stopping this action, you stay away from debt and you can save more money for activities that truly matter.


A minimalist lifestyle helps you stay focused on what matters to you. If a full-time job eats most of your time, you should be aware how short life is and how much use you should make of your free time. Instead of working extra hours to buy the latest TV or smartphone, how about spending it on your next exotic trip? Experiences matter more than money, so think about that next time you spend hundreds of dollars on technology devices.


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