Misconceptions about labiaplasty procedure – find the truth


If you do a small research, you will see that there are many women who feel rather confused when it comes to taking care of their body, especially when they need a medical intervention. In this category you can include Labiaplasty procedure, one of the most controversial subjects, when it comes to medical interventions. Even if the procedure is not complicated at all, there are some misconceptions that women have to confront with. Here are the most common of them and also the truth.

You can treat labial hypertrophy on your own. You do not need a surgery

This idea is not only false, but also dangerous for women who have the tendency to believe it. Thus, you should not believe what you read in some medical blogs or forums, because you can put your health in danger. When you have to confront with labial hypertrophy, no matter how many natural treatments you use, you will not get good results until you ask for professional help, a thing which includes surgery.

You should be careful. There are many complications when it comes to labiaplasty procedure.

The truth is that plastic surgeons claim that there are complications, but the cases are different when it comes to each woman. In fact, every woman body has a different reaction. There are some minor complications such as pain or even bleeding, but it does not mean that this will definitely happen to you. On the other hand, when you choose your surgery centre, you should make sure that you take the right decision. It is true that there are many reliable options from where you can choose, but read the reviews first.

You cannot suffer from this medical condition because you are too young

In fact, the experts from the best Centre for Surgery claim that the main causes when it comes to labial hypertrophy are hormonal changes and giving birth to a child. This means that if you feel that your labia minor are uneven or too large, this will be the cause. Even if you may think that this cannot affect you, there are various other consequences such as the fact that you cannot wear tight clothes or you cannot do certain activities, such as riding a bike.

After the labiaplasty surgery, you do not need a recovery period

Even if we would like to think that you are right, there are some things that do not allow us to believe that. After you undergo this procedure, your doctors will recommend you to remain in a horizontal position in bed, at least for a couple of days. Then, you will have to take care of that part of your body, by using some special cleaning products which are also recommended by experts. What is more, because you may feel discomfort, you should start wearing loose underwear, at least during the immediate period after the surgery. Last but not least, doctors say that you should also avoid using tampons at least for 6 weeks and do not skip your medical visits. Urinating in the bathroom is also a thing which can help you a lot, even if you may not like this idea at first.


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