Mistakes to avoid when submitting your Canada immigration application

Whether it’s for the superior living conditions, flexible labour market or stable economy, Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for people all over the world, who not only want to visit it, but also become permanent residents. While the immigration process is not necessarily difficult or extremely selective, it’s extremely important that you treat it with the utmost attention and be very meticulous. There are many people who submit a Canada immigration application and they are not accepted not necessarily because they didn’t meet the criteria, but because they were superficial and did not take professional advice. To make sure you don’t undermine your own chances of becoming a Canadian resident, watch out for these common mistakes.


Mistake #1: not getting a lawyer


Usually from the desire of saving money, people decide to take on the challenge of applying for immigration programs themselves and not hire an immigration lawyer. This isn’t the best course of action, because the process involves a lot of paperwork and filling it in may be difficult if you’re not familiar with the terminology. Besides, if your situation is more sensitive, specialised legal consultancy may be required to increase the chances of success.

Mistake #2: presenting false information


If you think that you can get away with lying to an immigration officer or presenting false information in your application form, you’re wrong. The Canadian Immigration Office has the means to check all the information you provide and lying automatically gets your application rejected. If you have any neighbours or friends who supposedly immigrated to Canada by lying, it’s best not to trust them.

Mistake #3: not knowing your personal situation


No two applications are the same. Each person wishing to immigrate to Canada has a different personality, education, social background, family and career. You shouldn’t attempt to copy what someone else has done, because your case might be different and the same strategy might not work for you. Instead, you should aim at understanding the particularities of your application. What are your strongest and weakest points? What recommends you as a good Canadian citizen and what aspects could slow down obtaining residence? Talk to your immigration lawyer and get bespoke advice.

Mistake #4: disorganised paperwork


Paperwork is one of the bothersome realities of the immigration process, which might not be good news for those who don’t keep copies of important documents or don’t even have all the documents needed for the application. You should have all the required forms readily available and also keep in mind that the Office might also ask you to provide additional paperwork. Unfortunately, immigration isn’t always a straightforward process and plan A might not always work, so you need to be prepared with a backup strategy.


As a final piece of advice, don’t lose your patience and hope. Sometimes, the Immigration Office are overwhelmed with applications and don’t have time to go through all of them quickly. As long as you meet all the requirements and work with a professional lawyer, your chances of being accepted are quite high!

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