Reasons for buying your teenager a new car


Parents have mixed feelings and different opinions when it comes to purchasing cars for teenagers. Some of them think that it represents too much of a responsibility and they cannot handle it while others admit the benefits that driving offers to everyone. In the end, it does not matter if you fall into the first or the second category because at some point you will find yourself in the situation of making a decision when your teen will express his need of having a car. In addition, you are probably aware that it is better to contribute than sit back and watch him make mistakes that will affect him on long term.

Great birthday present

As a parent, you know that eventually your son will ask for help in order to purchase a car so why not make the first move and start exploring various models. You can use his birthday as an excuse to give him a brand new car that he will definitely enjoy. Edmunds says that Ford Mustang is the ideal car because provides advanced features and specs more than suitable for teen drivers. Nevertheless, you should make it clear that you made this decision only because it has the purpose to challenge his maturity and responsibility and that you expect a positive evolution from him as an individual. After all, apart from the benefits it offers, a car requires high maintenance and regular inspections.

Facilitate his life

You might think that teenagers have a careless life and you have right up to a point because they do not have to work and pay bills…yet but they do have to study in order to excel in classes and deal with personal development. In addition, they have to worry about transportation every time they go and come back from school. As an employee, you know the drill when it comes to going to work every morning. Moreover, if you know that your residence is far away from your son’s school, then you have to admit that buying him a car will prove to be very helpful, especially during winter when the weather conditions are unfavorable. In short, you will significantly facilitate his life.

Safety and reliability

If you let your teenager choose and buy a car on his own, he will most likely neglect important aspects like asking about the history report, the reliability, the performance at crash tests and the safety measures because he will be more preoccupied about the speed, the appearance and the comfort. Because you already dispose of driving experience, you will be able to examine the vehicle properly and instantly assess its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it is useless to purchase a safe and reliable car if the person who drives it is not well prepared. Thus, you have to start a conversation with the goal to educate your son regarding essential details including the functioning of the vehicle and the stopping distance in order to make sure that he is ready to use it.                     

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