Recommended Chores for Kids of Different Ages

Children must get used to household chores starting at early ages so they will grow up to be responsible and hard-working adults. For this, you will have to know how to choose the proper chores for them so you will manage to keep them active as well as safe. The following ideas will help you choose the right chores for kids of all ages, so it will be easier for you to decide what to ask your child to do.

Table cleaning

This is a chore recommended for children starting at small ages because it’s very easy and it doesn’t imply any safety risks. Small children at the age of 3 can help with bringing the plates to the table or removing them, they can collect the bread crumbs and they can help you throw the food residues. This will make them feel useful and will teach them to clean their table after eating.

Laundry gathering

Sorting the laundry is something even the smallest children can do because it can actually be fun for them. Children older than 4 years can easily bring their dirty laundry to the laundry baskets if you ask them to sort the clothing by color. They can also help you collect the linens from the bedrooms and bring them to the laundry room.

Room cleaning

Every child must clean their room in order to keep it tidy, regardless their age, with the only difference that more chores can be added as they grow up. Small children can help you collect their toys and store them in boxes while bigger children aged 6 and older can make their bed, fold their clothes, clean their desk, and dust. Their room should become their responsibility as they grow and they should keep it clean all the time.

Vacuuming the floors

Children aged 8 and older can even help you clean the floors in the entire house using a vacuum cleaner. A small and compact unit is not hard for them to carry around and when they are done, they can even mop the floors.

Dish washing

This is a chore children can perform starting with the age of 8 or since they can safely reach the kitchen sink. Older children can even learn how to use the dishwasher, at the beginning under your surveillance and then even when they are home alone. The washing machine can also be handled by children over the age of 10.

Lawn mowing

Outdoor chores usually imply more physical effort so they are designed for children older than 12 years. Mowing the lawn can become a child’s play if you are using a good and safe lawn mower that doesn’t emit any harmful gasses or doesn’t have a cord to stand in the way. It’s best to have a cordless lawn mower if you are planning to ask your kids to mow the lawn or make sure you warn them to be careful around the electric cord. If you think that your old mower isn’t child friendly and you would like to upgrade to a better and safer mower, go to There you will find reviews that will aid you in finding the best lawn mower.

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