Renting a storage unit: do you really need climate control?


When it comes to renting a storage unit, most people think about the size and the location of the facility, but they overlook one important aspect, namely climate control. Before moving your items into a unit, you have to ask yourself several questions. For instance, for how long are you going to keep your possessions there? Do you plan to visit the facility from time to time or you plan to leave the city for months? Do your items have a delicate or sensitive nature? Do they need extra protection? Based on the answers, you will instantly know if a basic storage unit is enough for your valuable belongings. The main reason for which you decided to rent a unit in the first place was to ensure the necessary protection and security for your precious items so you have to make sure that you do not make a mistake regarding the unit selection when exploring storage units Victoria.

The importance of renting a climate-controlled storage unit

Even though you have the best intentions, if you do not think about the risks your possessions could face, then you might cause irremediable damage and you obviously do not want that. First, a climate- controlled unit will maintain a constant level of temperature and humidity, which is the optimal environment for collectibles, antique furniture, musical instruments and more, especially if you intend to store these items for a long time or in the cold and rainy season. Even facilities recognize the importance of climate control so they included this much-needed feature in their units in the last years. The reality is that harsh weather conditions have the potential to destroy items stored in basic units, especially when temperatures reach the freezing point or when they become so high in the summer season that you have the impression that everything is going to melt. Wood and leather represent materials that are very susceptible to extreme temperatures or drastic temperature changes.

Situations when you need to rent a unit with climate control

Taking into consideration the information mentioned above, you have the knowledge and ability to determine in what cases you should choose a unit with climate control instead of a basic one. Practically, you have to recognize three important situations. The number one situation refers to storing very expensive items or items with emotional value. You have to be aware that climate-controlled storage is pricier than basic storage, which means that you should only place there irreplaceable possessions like a solid wood piece of furniture inherited from your grandmother or a valuable collection of books. The number two situation refers to the amount of time you are planning to keep the items in the unit. If you only need to store the belongings for approximately a week, than a traditional storage unit is ideal and cheaper, but if you need the space for a month or more, than you should reconsider your decision. The third situation refers to the location. For instance, if you are living in a humid region, the unit must include air conditioning.   

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