Shedding an extra few pounds thanks to hypnotherapy


It is not uncommon for teenagers to struggle with weight loss. Adolescents, especially girls, get depressed and they resort to eating for mental comfort. Teenagers overeat to ease their negative feelings and they can’t help it. Their appetite increases and hunger overcomes them. What do you do if you have a child struggling with depression and bad eating habits? You take him/her to a hypnotherapist specialised in weight loss hypnotherapy in Birmingham. As surprising as it may seem, hypnotherapy helps weight loss without dieting and restrictive eating. What hypnosis does is eliminate obstacles and change the teen’s unconscious mind. Although this may seem a little bit extreme, hypnotherapy is actually natural. If you are curious to learn more, keep on reading.

How weight loss hypnotherapy works  

Contrary to popular opinion, hypnosis does not transform someone into a robot. Hypnosis simply focuses on creating physical and mental relaxation, thus neutralizing the way that stress affects eating behaviours and metabolism. It is not about transforming the hypnotised individual into a puppet. Your family member will indeed be open to suggestions, but this does not mean that him/her will lose control of himself/herself. Hypnosis is realised with the help of verbal repetition and mental images. When your little one is under hypnosis, he/she will highly focused and more willing to take suggestions.

The benefits of weight loss hypnotherapy

Using medical hypnosis to shed an extra few pounds has many benefits.

  • Redefinition of relationship with food
  • Development of new and positive self-image
  • Boosting the metabolism
  • Help with weight management
  • Reduction of stress

It is important to stress that these are only some of the benefits of hypnotherapy for weight loss. The list can go on and on.

Is weight loss hypnotherapy for everyone?

Now that you know just how beneficial weight loss hypnotherapy is you must be excited. Yet, you should know that weight loss hypnotherapy is not a universal solution. In other words, it is not for everyone. If you have tried everything possible with your teen, like exercise and changing eating habits, then hypnosis is something you should consider. It is not as drastic as say surgery and severe diets. The only thing to pay attention to is the fact that results do not appear right away. The process is rather slow, but it has to be this way. Producing long-lasting effects in the brain takes time. When dealing with the mind, things are never forced.

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