Small guide for a perfect summer holiday in Croatia

This is definitely the perfect time for making plans for your summer vacation. But, if you do not know which destination to choose, we highly recommend a trip to Croatia. It is a beautiful country which has increased it touristic potential a lot in the last period, due to a large number of people who travel here every year. Thus, here is a small guide with some useful information that may help you when you travel for the first time in Croatia.

Find the best accommodation!

Due to the fact that there are many places to visit in Croatia, people should know that a good idea is to check in a seaside delight city such as Spilt. Split is a beautiful touristic destination, which has become a top priority for those who decide to visit this amazing European country. It also has a lot to offer when it comes to accommodation and facilities. The prices are more affordable than in other places from Croatian. Thus, it is a good idea for saving money, if your budget is not so generous. But this is not all. Another reason for choosing Split as your accommodation place is that it has that awesome urban vibe that you cannot find anywhere else.

Rent a boat!

When it comes to Croatia, one thing is sure: your holiday is not complete if you do not rent a boat. The travel experts say that you should not waste any minute and check out the boat offer. Search for boat rental Split and enjoy the tours. Believe it or not, there are many people who use the boats as taxi transfers.  For example, they hire a boat from Split airport, in order to arrive at their destination. In case you wonder why this alternative is so popular, you should know that the boats are a convenient and also exciting way for moving from one part to another. They are also fast and you get the chance to enjoy the beautiful views.


Not to mention that a lot of tourists who have been to Croatia before claim that sailing is definitely a must. This country has over 1000 islands and also one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Europe. Therefore, do not miss your chance to sail along the coasts. Ask the locals to give you some tips. On the other hand, those who rent you the boat can also offer some useful information.

Drink your coffee in a fancy café bar from Split!

When you do not know which place to visit next in Croatia, go to a Split café. Take your notebook and a map and start searching for places. On the other hand, in case you feel like you have lost your inspiration, the experts highly recommend going snorkeling and scuba diving. These two activities will give you the chance to discover an amazing aquatic world. Or in case you think that this is not the proper choice for you, you can go exploring the islands. Take the rented boat and find some places to visit. Locals can also make recommendations if you ask them. In the majority of cases, you can find kind and friendly people who drink their coffee in Split cafes. But, the most difficult part is that not all of them speak English. However, do not worry! You will find a way to communicate.

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