Spending more time with your family & friends while performing well in college – how to obtain balance

College can be a difficult period, from a social point of view, considering how little time you have left to actually spend with those you love. However, just because you are trying to reach your full academic potential doesn’t mean you should be neglecting your friends and family and isolating yourself. Balance is key here, and if you aren’t aware of how you can juggle between college life and personal life, some tips might come in handy. What can you exactly do to improve things in this department? Here are some ideas to consider:

Get organized – create an itinerary

 Sometimes, the reason why you don’t actually get to spend any time with the people you love is due to disorganization. If you are hectic with your schedule planning, you won’t get as much work done as you have wanted, nor will you be able to maintain a proper social life. Consider making a change, and start getting more organized with your daily itinerary. Time management is essential here, so create a proper daily plan and stick to it.

Get some of your lecture notes online or from other students

Some of your college lectures might not come with mandatory attendance requirements, but you see yourself forced to go to each and every single class because you need to take notes for your exams. Well, while you shouldn’t miss out on important classes, once in a while, you can consider getting your notes on your cop2271 lecture from a forum or website, or even from a colleague you can trust. Skipping on less-important lectures once in a while, lectures with optional attendance, might give you a bit of time to do something fun with your friends, see your family or keep your social life in-check. It might not be the ideal solution, but it could help.

Beware of perfectionism

Trying to do everything perfectly can actually have the contrary results. When you are spending all of your time studying, taking notes, revising your lectures, and you aren’t doing anything for fun or relaxation, you won’t be able to reach optimal academic functioning. Thriving for perfectionism can do you more harm than good, so if you truly want to achieve balance, you need to stop demanding so much from yourself. The stress that comes with too much study effort and no personal time will affect your quality of life, mental and physical well-being, so often, you just need to make a decision, and adopt a different, more relaxed approach.

Balancing studies and personal life can seem challenging, especially if you are the type of student who is completely dedicated to their field and wants to ace all exams. Finding the time to be close to your family and friends, while maintaining the same academic performance is possible, if you come up with a few solutions. The ideas suggested above could provide you with the needed guidance on the topic, so think them over and use them to your advantage.

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