Surprise birthday party planning checklist

 Receiving surprises for our birthdays is always something that brings our smile on our faces, but what can be more amazing than having the opportunity to share this surprise with the most important people in your life?  Your best friend’s birthday is an ideal occasion for throwing up the best surprise party ever where you can both have a lot of fun and dance all night long. However, there are many things that you need to take care of and plan accordingly to be sure that it will be the best party that everyone who will attend will still talk about fun it was in the future. Here are the organizing steps that you should check on your list before everyone starts to arrive.

1.      Keep it a secret

Lying to your best friend is not a pleasing thing to do, but if you want the party to be a surprise, you should better hide it in the best way possible. Tell everyone that knows about it that it is a surprise and that they should not let the cat out of the box under no circumstances.

2.      Plan everything in time

If you want everything to be ready before all the guests and the star of the party, your best friend, arrive, then you should plan everything in time because delays and bad surprises can always appear and I am sure you would hate to have the surprised ruined because of a small mistake like not remember ordering the birthday cake a few days before.

3.      Ask for help

You might want to do all on your own because he or she is your best friend, but you should realize that the organizing and planning require a lot of work and time so you should better ask for help from the family members or common friends to make sure that you do everything impeccably and the party will be the perfect surprise for your best friend’s birthday.

4.      Use social media communication details

These days social media is the best way to send and receive information really fast, so you should use it to communicate yours as well. Create a private group and add all the people that are on the guestlist, post there all the necessary details such as location, time, dress code if there is one, and you can even ask people to suggest you the songs they would like you to add in the playlist for the party to make sure that everyone will have their favorite song to dance on.

5.      Keep the food simple

This is a tip that it is universal for any party that you are going to organize. It is very difficult to satisfy everyone’s taste in food so try to choose types of food that are very universal to make sure there will be no one that will starve at the party.

6.      Pick the location

Make sure the location is carefully chosen, somewhere in the surroundings, so that everyone can attend the party, especially your best friend.

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