Talking about mental health to your family – a short guide

Talking about such a delicate topic such as mental health can be tricky, even to the closest people in your life. Considering this, it’s important to get informed about how to start this topic of discussion and how to express your feelings so that you can receive the help and support you need from your family. When having emotional problems, it’s difficult to open up to others and express how you feel, but it is definitely recommended to do so. This article contains a series of tips that should help you talk about mental health to your family.

Choose who you want to talk to

Choosing a confidant is the first step you need to take. Selecting one member of your family that seems open and supportive is paramount. Avoid people who usually make you feel worse or who don’t offer you any sort of support through it. If your mother is a better listener, go to her and give her a heads up about the serious discussion you want to have with her. If your father is the one you want to confide, do the same. Family is much more appropriate for mental health talks, but if you want to talk to a close friend, feel free to do it. Talking about your mental health is a must, regardless of how difficult it may seem. Be very careful to the people you choose for this discussion because the wrong person will end up hurting or discouraging you instead of helping you.

Open up and don’t downplay

When you finally decide to talk about your mental health, getting self-care tips from others is normal. Learn to accept those and consider them later. To receive appropriate tips and pieces of advice, you must fully open up. If you downplay and reduce the seriousness of your situation or if you lie about your current state, people will give you tips for the situation you present them, and they might not be useful to you in any way. Try to speak freely about your problems and describe them in detail, so that people can understand what you are going through and help you accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your own perception on your life at the moment. Downplaying will only make people misread your situation.

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