The four “P”s that enhance your golf performance

Golf is more like a game of the mind rather than a sport that involves physical activity, this is well-known. This is actually what makes it so complicated and complex. If you want to get started in golf, you have to take care of some essential things such as buying your first equipment, enrolling in some golf courses and looking for cheap golf membership at the closest golf club in your region. Whether you play golf as an amateur or as a professional, you have to pay attention to the four “P”s that make your game better and help you give your best performance every time you play.


It is important that you have a clear idea on your golf career if you really want to reach high performance level and become a professional player, which means that you have to think of it in the long-term. Perspective can help you persist in your golf career and learn to accept both winning and losing. Losing a game once can be seen either as a failure in the short-term, or as a great lesson to learn from in the long-term, so what do you choose?


Expect to fail many times in your golfing career, but do not worry about this aspect, since these failures are going to fine-tune your game and make you a professional player. Think how many holes those famous players have missed before they finally became experts or how many games they have lost. This is called perseverance and you should definitely have this core trait in your mind when playing golf.


Positiveness is considered the key driver of motivation, which is what keeps you playing the game even when you have suffered several set-backs or knockdowns in a row. As it was already mentioned, losing a game should not discourage you, but on the contrary, it should make you wish become even better and improve your golfing skills to the point of becoming a pro. Do not let emotions and bad feelings overwhelm you and be bigger than your bad moments, since this will help you enjoy the game all the time.


Pluck can be described as determined and spirited courage, so in case you hear someone telling you have pluck, you should definitely take it as a compliment. In golfing, pluck is understood as a player’s courage to keep creativity afloat and not let technical and mechanical aspects take over the player’s mind, which is in most cases the biggest challenge golf players have to deal with.

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