Tips for Dealing with a Rebel Teen Child

Children change once they reach the teenage years. This period may be one of the most complicated and agitated periods in the life of a person. They rapidly change their behavior and become nervous, monosyllabic and solitary. They see in parents enemies and may have a strange attitude. Teenagers demand a certain freedom and want to be treated like adults so they often get angry because they are in a transition period. Although they are labeled as a rebel teens, in reality many of them are just trying to find their way in the world. So, if you have a teen child and you don’t know how to cope with the situation read these tips.

Recognize the changes

First thing you have to do is to see the changes and to accept the fact that your child is not a kid any more. This involves a lot of things, such as the fact that he will not play around the house as much and he will prefer to hang out with his friend instead of you. Also, his mood might rapidly change, becoming more self-conscious and sensitive. Arguments and conflicts between parents and teenagers occur more often in this period because they begin to see things in a different way.

Respect their needs

You have to be careful and develop a behavior that implies understanding and respecting his needs. You don’t have to give him total liberty but at least try to be more supportive and let him learn from his own mistakes.

Reset the limits

Reasonable boundaries may be the exact thing you need during this period and that means that you have to acknowledge and respect your teenager’s age. Decide from the beginning which kind of rules have to be obeyed and which can offer him more room to decide for himself.

Encourage his accomplishments.

Try not to compare your teen with other adolescents and encourage him to do things that he likes and he is talented at. The self-esteem is crucial when dealing with stressful situations. You must accept that each child is unique and develops different skills and abilities.


Keep the doors of communication opened. Listen to his problems and troubles and try to find solutions together. When you teen wants to talk and you are in the middle of something, stop what you are doing or ask him to wait until you finish your task. When you give him your entire attention he will feel encouraged and will return for your guidance.

Lead by example

Parents should insist on good behavior and be an example in everything they do. They should not argue in front of the child and teach him about the values of a modern society.

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