Warning signs that your grandparents need a caregiver

It should be no surprise for you to find out that when your grandparents age, they no longer can care for themselves and they need your support. Most of the times children or grandchildren are taking this responsibility, but because nowadays people are busier than ever, the best option is to hire a professional. Grandchildren cannot be always present when their grandparents need help, but they can find someone who is experienced in offering elders the needed support.

However, before hiring someone, you have to make sure that your grandparents really need help. Only because they are old it doesn’t mean they cannot do things on their own, only that they will do them in their own pace. Here are some signs that will help you figure out the situation.

They are confused by the daily tasks they have to do

Sometimes elders have troubles with remembering the daily tasks they have to complete, from taking the garbage out to taking their medicine and cooking meals. If you notice that your grandparents are taking double doses of drugs because they forget when they last took their pills, or that they don’t follow their treatment at all, you should consider the option of hiring a hjemmetjenester because a caregiver can help them remember what they have to do. Memory loss is always a red flag and you should not neglect it. When someone is helping them with their home tasks, they find their life more enjoyable and worry-free.

They have issues with managing their finances

Managing money is difficult even for a young person, but for an elder, remembering all their financial obligations can be overwhelming. The bad part is that this can have negative consequences, and you should help them prevent this result. If you notice that they regularly forget to pay their bills, they don’t open their mail, or debt collectors are calling, you should definitely do something about this. A private omsorgstjenester Oslo can help them manage their finances and create a plan that protects them from experiencing financial problems.

Infrequent hygiene is always a warning sign

You should try to recall the last time you have visited them and try to remember if they looked less groomed than usually. Do they seem to avoid baths? Do they refuse to brush their teeth or to change their clothes? The causes can be multiple, from depression to memory hardship and even physical pains. The sign is more than obvious, they need someone to assist them and if you cannot do it, then hiring a bpa is the best solution.

Their house is dirty and cluttered

Elders love to collect things, but there’s a difference between a cluttered house and a space where they collect certain items. If they seem to neglect house maintenance more than usual, you should offer your help. Cluttered spaces can block their walk and they can prove dangerous for an elder. A refrigerator filled with expired aliments, dirty dishes, dirty laundry and mountains of things stored in all the rooms are signs that they need professional care.



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