What are the pros of t-shirt screen printing?


If you love fashion, then you definitely must make the effort of making your own clothes. Making your own clothes may seem complicated, but the truth is that it is not that difficult. Nonetheless, if you are not tempted about the idea of making your own clothes, what do you say about designing your own clothes? You have the possibility of designing unique apparel thanks to online programs. The only issue is that these programs are mostly for t-shirts. Those who are truly devoted to clothing will undoubtedly take advantage of this opportunity and so should you. When you are done conceiving artful tees, all you have to do is hand over your design to a company that offers the best screen printing Mississauga. Practically, you will not have to do a thing and screen printing your own t-shirts is better than digital printing. In what follows, you will learn what are the pros of this reproduction method.

Delivering excellent print quality

If you are looking for good print quality, you should definitely think about screen printing your apparel. The image that is going to be printed to the fabric is applied directly, the result being that the image is a lot more durable and clear for that matter. High visibility and lively colors are what characterize this application method. The ink that is used in the process is thicker and this is the reason why it is not easily absorbed into the material. What happens is that the ink is wiped across screen and each color is applied separately. It is needles to say that the end result is spectacular.

Wide selection of choices

Screen printing companies make considerable efforts to provide customers great products. This is the reason why they can apply images to all kind of pieces of clothing, of which mention can be made of jackets, hats and hoodies. The point is that you have the possibility of making all your apparel stand out, not just your t-shirts. As opposed to digital printing, this method allows experts to make the covering to custom size. Whether you are looking to mask the entire tee or simply get the right size, you are in luck. However, you have to pay attention to the fact that you will have to make modifications to the design as well.

Great on any shirt color

The common belief is that digital printing is the best method when it comes to colored shirts as this method makes the design noticeable. A fact that is less known and interesting is that screen printing is just as good, if not better, for designing tees. The reason for this is that the ink is not immediately absorbed into the fabric. No matter what kind of clothing you have, you can be sure that in the end it will stand out. The fact that each color has to be applied separately allows for a beautiful image. The bottom line is that if you want custom t-shirts, you should take your apparel to a screen printing company.

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