What is Your Parenting Style?

Every person has a parenting style that is influenced by their personality, their ability to communicate, their morals and values and so on. Moreover, a parenting style may be determined by the way our parents raised us, so the truth is that each of us has our own parenting style. Nevertheless, the specialists categorized the various types of parenting into several styles, so if you are interested in finding more about your style, read our article and see what is your parenting style.

The Overprotective Parent

An overprotective parent tends to make their decisions based on the idea that a child has to be protected from everything harmful. This happens because the parent is always concerned about the safety of their child and as a result, they get to restrict the child from the activities they would like to do. The constant fear of thinking of what might happen makes the parent become unbalanced, which can be transmitted to the child. As a result, the child could become fearful and timid, not wanting to do normal things because of what might happen. Therefore, the parent must realize this and understand that a child has to become more independent as the time passes by. Also, they have to learn that they only need to help the child and support them because, after all, they have to develop their problem-solving skills in order to succeed in life.

The Authoritative Parent

Usually, an authoritative parent doesn’t want to control their children, but they want to guide them and teach them more about how to do well in life. Such a parent approaches the method of learning the child to make their own decisions. This may be the optimal method when it comes to raising a child because an authoritative parent will respond to the child’s needs but at the same time, they will teach the child to be sensitive to the needs of other people. Therefore, this type of parent wants to help their child become self-disciplined and to be able to make the best decisions. According to some studies, this particular style of parenting produces children who are self-starters, perform well in school and are very communicative with other people.

The Authoritarian Parent

This style of parenting means that the parent demands obedience from their child and whenever they fail to respect the rules, the child is reprimanded or punished. In general, an authoritarian parent is very strict and has household rules. There are situations in which such a parent may have high standards and in order to be respected, they will use anger, threats and so on. Nevertheless, being an authoritarian parent will only produce an obedient child for a short period of time and when they grow up they might get to the point of losing their respect for their parents. Moreover, there are situations in which parents who demand respect do not treat their child respectfully. The result might be that such a child may grow up feeling bad about themselves. Due to the fact that a parent is not responsive to a child’s needs, they may not be able to form healthy relationships with others.

The Permissive Parent

The permissive parent will let the child run wild and make their own decisions without correcting them if necessary. Usually, a permissive parent was raised by an authoritarian parent and they just want to offer their children a better life. Nevertheless, this is not the best attitude a parent can have, because letting a child do whatever they want it’s a little too much. Therefore, the child will not teach the appropriate behaviors and they will become very spoiled. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a parent should not care about their child and let them do what they feel, but they should know that there are certain boundaries that have to be known by them right from the beginning.

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